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The job of our buyers’ agents are dedicated to the property buyers. Our agents, specialising in different big cities of Australia help in searching the right property, evaluating its value and finally negotiate the best selling price for you. Also, the agents take care of the documentation process related to property buying and save you from all the hassles and time consumption.
Initial engagement search fee of $2000+GST. which is non-refundable. Final 1.5%+GST payment due on settlement of negotiated property price.
Well, it depends on the location of Australia where you are searching the property. It may be done within a week, or it can also take a few months. The type of property you are seeking, too matters in this case. For instance, finding the right investment properties are much more difficult than finding the residential property. However, our buyers’ agents will work as fast as they can and even push when you are following a strict deadline.
As we have already been successful in dealing multiple projects before, we have already established our reputation in the real estate market already. Although we share a good relationship with the selling agents when it comes to our clients that are the buyers, we safeguard your interests only. We oppose and negotiate for you to get the best selling price and keep you in the profit’s side.
Not at all. We are entirely independent and licensed company. We remain unbiased throughout the process following the only aim that is to find you the perfect property in Australia. We welcome the involvement the buyers at every stage of the buying process, and we don't have any personal interest in those properties.
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