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Need help buying the perfect home or investment property? Need expert local knowledge in the industry to make sure you are making the right choice? Australian Buyers Agency is YOUR perfect choice in helping YOU - local, interstate & international BUYERS - find and purchase the right properties.
Australian Buyers Agency is an independent licensed real estate company. Helping buyers find their perfect home or investment property is our profession. Our Buyers Agents will guide you through the whole process. We can even take care of most of the paperwork on your behalf – drastically reducing the stress involved in purchasing a property. Unlike a real estate agent who works on behalf of the seller, the Australian Buyers Agency works for YOU - the buyer! Once the Buyers Agent have found your perfect property, Australian Buyers Agency will also negotiate the best sale price on your behalf. We specialise in assisting international and interstate property buyers and ensure that your property investment is within all the legal requirements of Australia.
We assist our clients in
Searching the RIGHT property
We know it is extremely time-consuming for you to find the right property, spending endless hours all over the internet. That is why we take control of the overall searching process saving your time and stress. Our agents use the property database and their contacts till they found a property that suits your particular need.
Assessing the VALUE of the property
We assess the value of the property we have sorted based on their locations and also carry out the price analysis. It is crucial for starting off the negotiation process. This assessment will help you to understand whether the property is worth investing in or not.
Negotiating the best PRICE
We make the negotiation process extremely stress-free that may seem to be a challenging task at the very first level. Our buyers agents have extensive knowledge and experience to make the negotiation work in the buyers' favour. We assure that our clients get their chosen property at the best price.
We are here to tailor our services according to your particular needs and help you to go through the entire process smoothly.
Why Australian Buyers Agency
Finding Right Property

Our agents help you to find the perfect property based on your need.

Matching your Budget

We make sure the property price does not exceed your budget limit.

Selecting and reviewing property

We review the property carefully and make sure it matches legal requirements of Australia

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