Brisbane Airport Corporation’s (BAC) new runway project is a key piece of infrastructure that will supercharge Brisbane and the state with an estimated $5 billion economic benefit per year. And it’s practically complete.

Group of people standing on the Brisbane airport runway

Brisbane Airport Corporation, Skyway, BMD Constructions Pty Ltd and CPB Contractors Pty Ltd officials celebrate the practical completion of Brisbane’s new runway on April 30. Pic: BAC

Building a second Brisbane runway may sound like simple a task, but it’s actually the largest aviation construction project in the country. The Runway site is 360 hectares in area (that’s more than twice the size of Brisbane CBD), is 3.3 kilometres long, 60 metres wide, and has 12 kilometres of taxiways.

The long-planned runway started construction in 2012 and represents a $1.3 billion investment that will give Brisbane the most efficient runway system in the country. It will double the current capacity and deliver future-proof air travel for residents and visitors.

On April 30, BAC announced the practical completion of Brisbane’s new runway. BAC CEO Gert-Jan de Graaff said while today marked the end of the project, it was just the beginning for Brisbane Airport.

Aerial view of the new Brisbane airport runway

The runway is practically complete and being tested for operational readiness. Pic: BAC

“In many respects this runway is symbolic of the very firm belief we have that aircraft will, in the not too distant future, return to the skies and our terminals will once again be full of happy people looking forward to visiting their families, their holidays or to travel to do business,” Mr de Graaff said.

Sadly, the decision has now been made to cancel the celebratory community events planned for the opening of Brisbane’s new runway later this year. The Community Day and Runway Fun Run planned for June has been cancelled due to the current COVID-19 pandemic and public health directives from Government regarding public gathering restrictions.

Brisbane Airport remains open in a heavily reduced capacity delivering essential services to the people of Brisbane and Queensland. Mr de Graaff said Brisbane’s new runway remains on track for completion later this year and details of its official opening will be advised.

“We will be here when this is over to once again connect people across the country and world and play our part in helping restore the economic health of our city and state,” Mr de Graaff said.

The new runway came in under budget at $1.1 billion, a saving of $200 million on initial estimates. While practically complete, the project will undergo testing for operational readiness.

Estimated Completion: Complete. Brisbane’s new runway will open on Sunday, 12 July 2020.