Brisbane Metro – they’re buses, but not as we know them

Testing has begun on Brisbane City Council’s Metro project, which aims to replace current 62-seat buses by deploying 60 fully-electric vehicles to deliver more streamlined, congestion-free busways. If effective, we can expect these services to expand.

Brisbane Metro bus crossing victoria bridge

Brisbane Metro set to improve our commute. Pic: Brisbane City Council

Metro vehicles, which look a lot like trams, have zero tailpipe emissions, USB charging points and WiFi on board, and are capable of carrying 150 people (or 180 people in event mode).

The goal of Brisbane Metro is to vastly improve our commute. Council estimates the Metro will get us home in half the time we’ve grown used to, with peak services every three minutes and 24 hour service on weekends.

Estimated completion: Brisbane Metro services are expected to commence in late 2023